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Information about the allowances (expenses) that can be paid to the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner can be found in the Guide to Expenses.   An Allowances and Remuneration Scheme has been approved and can be viewed here

Detailed within this section are the police and crime commissioner expenses.  To view the commissioner's expenses for a particular month, please click on the date below:




January 2015

February 2015

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November 2015

Police & Crime Commissioners Salary
The salary for Cumbria's Police & Crime Commissioner is £65,000 per annum.  This salary was set nationally by the Home Secretary on recommendations from the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB).  A full list of the salaries paid to all Police and Crime Commissioners can be found on the Home Office Website

Joint Audit and Standards Committee Members' Allowances
Members of the Police and Crime Commissioners for Cumbria and Cumbria Constabulary's Joint Audit and Standards Committee were paid allowances and expenses as part of their role.  To view the schedule of allowances paid and expenses incurred reimbursed to Members of the Joint Audit and Standards Committee please click the links below.

2012/2013     2013/2014       2014/2015

Independent Custody Visitors' Allowances
Independent Custody Visitors are paid travelling costs incurred in attending visits at custody suites, meetings and training courses.  In addition they receive re-imbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket administrative expenses incurred in carrying out their role.  To view the allowances paid to the Custody Visiting volunteers please click the link below.

2012/2013 & 2013/2014       2014/2015

Ethics & Integrity Panel
Members of the Ethics and Integrity Panel are paid allowances and expenses as part of their role.  To view the schedule of what has been reimbursed to the panel members please click on the link below.

2014/2015 | |
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